Byte Mods

Byte Mods is a site about case modding, linux and programming. Case modding is the art of tweaking computer cases and/or electronics to make them do or look as you want them to.

Byte Mods features everything from tutorials to project-pages. It has a small newscorner for the truly remarkable stuff, and mostly contains stuff about the techiest of tech.


Byte Mods originated from the dutch site TGC in 2009, with the idea of evolving the website into a professional international website, standing side by side with all of the other major modding websites. TGC / Byte Mods was launched on 12 september 2004.

The app

The Byte Mods app contains howto's, mods and columns. You can do anything from reading MYSQL optimizations while sitting on the couch to reading Linux tutorials in the datacenter. We will, of course, continue development on the app and add features as we go.

Google Play: Byte Mods