Track Chat

Track Chat is an Android app for F1 fanatics, enthusiasts and basically anyone that likes F1 around the world. The app combines Twitter and your location to see where everyones' chatting from, all around the racetrack. It's best used on the track during a race. It's not required however, you can use the app anywhere.


Track Chat uses GPS to pinpoint your location. The race tracks are augmented by the Twitter avatars of every GPS enabled Track Chat user. People that share your opinion, or just want an in-person chat, can easily be found using the map of the track. You can manually choose how often Track Chat refreshes your location. Don't want to share your location? Simply disable the GPS setting in the app!


Track Chat features an impressive list of 27 racetracks around the world that are most commonly used in Formula 1 Grand Prix. From the circuit of Monaco to the circuit in Abu Dhabi. Each track has its Google map integrated so that the entire track is visible every time it is selected. Tilting your device expands the map over the entire screen for a better view of the track.

Google Play: Track Chat